If you want to know how many e-mails are sent out per brand, you can find the information in Deployteq. This can be useful for reports, forecasting, and recognizing trends. If you use the mailing types effectively, you will clearly be able to see, for example, how many transactional e-mails are sent out in comparison with your commercial e-mails.
Underneath the menu item ‘Administration’, you will see the item ‘Transaction usage’. This provides an overview of the number of transactions per month for each brand. On the right-hand side of this window you will see the number of e-mails sent, subdivided into the type of e-mails that are used. You can
create new mailing types yourself in the brand settings for use in your reports.

Below are a number of types defined by default. If you do not see certain types, this means that they have not been used for the selected month. The same applies to brands. If you cannot see a brand in your overview even though you have the right to view it, it means that no transactions have occurred for that month. If there should have been transactions in that month, you may not have the appropriate right for the brand. Please contact your administrator to obtain the correct right.

  • QuickMail (sent via QuickMail function) E-mail (sent on a campaign basis)
  • Singlemail (sent via the CRM or SOAP API)
  • Split Run/Smart Run (sent with Split Run or Smart Run)
  • Self-defined mailing types

If SMS is activated for your portal, the SMS transactions will also be displayed. The SMS transactions are divided into:
  • QuickSMS (sent via QuickSMS function)
  • SMS (sent on a campaign basis)
  • SingleSMS (sent via the CRM or SOAP API).
  • The graph at the bottom of the page displays the daily progression of the number of transactions.


If you would like to know more about the Deployteq SMS extension, read all the information or contact us.

An administrator can grant the right to view this information per user role.  Again, this can be configured per brand.