Most of your details are already entered in Deployteq when your administrator creates your user account. You will want to change your password and possibly change your language or add your e-mail address with the various preferences to indicate what information you would like to receive. All of this can be done in your personal settings. Here we will briefly explain which settings you can change and what these settings are used for.

At the top right of your Deployteq window you will see your username. Click on this to enter the ‘User profile’ section.

You will see an additional window in which you can change your preferred settings, such as your e-mail address, password, and language.

Deployteq offers various mailings that can provide you with extra information about e-mail marketing, developments in Deployteq, webinars, or even technical information that may be important if, for example, you have links to other systems. Check the boxes at the bottom to indicate what information you would like to receive at the e-mail address you have entered.