Use the ‘start campaign’ or ‘stop campaign’ buttons at the top right of the screen to start or stop a campaign. The different paths in the campaign can be viewed by clicking on the ‘Paths’ button. You can also see the start and end times of a campaign.

You may make changes to a campaign flow in the interim but the campaign must then be restarted. It is not necessary to stop a campaign if you only need to change the content of an e-mail or form.

A change made directly in the e-mail or form is enough to ensure that the new content is used as soon as the e-mail is sent. When a campaign is stopped, all the activities in the campaign will be cancelled.

When starting or restarting a campaign, you will be asked whether you want to delete or retain the historical statistics for your campaign. If you wish to keep the statistics, any test results will also remain visible when a campaign goes live for your contacts the first time.

If you wish to restart an ongoing campaign with statistics based on your live contacts, it can be useful to retain the old results. When a campaign is stopped, all scheduled activities will also be cancelled.